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Hello this is John Janus with Telluride Realty and Investment, and today I’d like to share with you some information regarding sustainable energy in the great state of Colorado. Some people say that solar energy is just too expensive. The simple truth is it’s not. It pays and it pays well. With all the federal, state and local tax incentives and rebates, solar power can be half of the actual cost of the labor and equipment that’s installed. Many solar power, photovoltaic, hot water solar and wind-generating systems can pay for themselves in 7 to 12 years. After that, it’s free money, and the equipment will most likely outlive you with the exception of the batteries, which generally lasts about 10 to 18 years.

Colorado has some of the best sustainable energy rules in the nation, making going solar in the Centennial State inexpensive and easy. Colorado sales tax is exempt from all sustainable energy products, including photovoltaic, hot water, wind generators and so on. All labor and equipment is covered. You pay no sales tax whatsoever. You pay no property tax for the additional value that is going to be placed upon your home when you install solar power or any other sustainable energy product, no additional property tax, although your home will be worth more once installed.

There is the Colorado Solar Power Performance Program, which pays you per watt for every watt that you produce, as well as the grid tie rule, which states that the power-generating company has to buy back at wholesale every excessive watt that you produce. Then, there are the local community financial incentives, such as Mountain Village Telluride, which offers 40 cents per watt cash rebate. San Miguel Power Association, or SMPA, is offering $1 per watt off of all solar panels that are grid-tied to their system. There’s also Xcel Energy and Blackhills Energy in the state of Colorado that offer good incentives as well. Please contact me for those details. There is the 26% federal tax rebate, and if you don’t have the income liability for this year, it can be rolled over into future years.

Installing solar power on your business or home in the state of Colorado is a win-win proposition. The value of your property goes up, you become richer, your environmental impact is lessened, and your carbon footprint now becomes a profitable investment. And here at Telluride Realty Investment, we’re all about that. If you’re considering buying and building in the state of Colorado, I humbly suggest that you consult with me. I can save you lots of time and money on your sustainable energy system on your new home. If you’re thinking about buying a solar-powered home in the state of Colorado, nobody, nobody knows solar power like Telluride Realty and Investment. We’ve been living and working off of solar power since 1989. So please contact us today for more detailed information regarding all things solar and real estate. Thank you, and take good care.

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