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Solar Power

Every step towards independence, from owning a home to controlling your energy, gives you the freedom to make additional choices about how you live and own your own life.


  • Having no choice but to pay whatever the current eletricity price is. Electricity from utility providers is never guaranteed at a set price. Prices rise and fall seemingly without cause or effect.
  • Brown clouds seen in all big cities around the world caused by burning fossil fuels
  • Smog and all its attendant woes ( including increased allergy diagnoses, breathing disorders, cancer rates, etc.)
  • Global warming
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Renewable energy in all forms is good for the future of the earth.


Due to some aggressive campaigning by governments and fossil fuel companies-and to people’s desire to live in denial–there remains a belief among some people that things “aren’t really so bad.”

The Signs are everywhere. Even pushing against the agendas of fossil fuel companies and dirty energy energy generators, the future of energy is renewable and clean energy. For the first time in 2016, renewable energies made up most of this year’s additions to the power grid. Solar, natural gas, and wind together make up 93% of the total 26 gigawatts, (GW) of utility-scale genrating capacity that was added in 2018. The U.S. has risen to the 4th highest usage of solar PV power, still lagging far behind China, Germany and Japan in cumulative solar capacity. And just as with any major change, every person, every step helps!

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Telluride Realty & Investment over the decades has sold hundreds of Solar powered homes, appropriate land to build a solar home and Organic farms.

Recent years have seen the cost to buy and install a solar power system drop by about 50%, while the efficiency of each system has increased exponentially. This makes it a great time to GO SOLAR. One can even go solar with little to no money down. TAKE THE FIRST STEPS towards energy freedom.

Find Out How You Can Take The First Steps Towards Energy Freedom. Contact T.R.I. for more information and for a list of solar homes and appropriate land for sale in the area!

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John Janus

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