Telluride area Condo Sales up 23% for 2019

Condo sales in Telluride have risen by $2. 4 million this month and have so for the past 6 months straight. 

No cookie-cutter condos here.

Since the mining village got its first lift in 1972, Captain Jack Carey, perhaps the most famous ski bum in history, and captains of industry (from oil barons to Enron execs, former Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman to mogul-loving movie mogul Kathleen Kennedy and Opra) have chosen to call it home. Telluride has every luxury amenity—five-star accommodations, spas, and gourmet dining—though other ski destinations have those things in greater numbers. And here’s the thing I had come to realize about Telluride: What it don’t have, you don’t want. Free of crowds, ostentation, tracts of cookie-cutter condos and franchise mall fare like Nordstrom and Forever 21, Telluride is independent and feels that way. If you find designer threads here, it won’t be at the Vuitton or Prada store like in Aspen, but in the Free Box, the open-air giveaway station where the town’s residents walk away with housewares and, occasionally, high-end clothing. And what you find in Telluride is far rarer and more coveted: A place that has only ever aspired to be what it is, that offers a ski experience that’s as pure, sublime, and free of artifice as any in America. While discerning travelers pan for kernels of authenticity, Telluride sits on the motherlode. Simply put – there are few places that match the raw beauty and natural setting found in Telluride and Mountain Village. The fact that it takes a little effort to get here is both a curse and a blessing, you won’t find the authenticity enjoyed here elsewhere. Time spent in Telluride is bound to be extraordinary no matter the season. The magnificent box canyon framed by rugged 12,000 foot peaks is an idyllic background for world class skiing, an unrivaled festival season, or simply breathing some fresh air. This is the place and the time is now to get in and enjoy all the good things that Condominium ownership delivers. Call or text us today, (970-728-3205) and let the good times begin.