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You’re home is unique and special to you as it is to us at Telluride Realty & Investment.
We understand and appreciate all you’ve put into your property and will take a honest careful look at your home, tempered with 30 years of local Real Estate market knowledge to give you the most accurate and meaningful estimate of your properties value. Sure you could go to one of the Real Estate site that are so popular today like Zillow or though most likely you will receive a wrong appraisal of your property. They use a computer logarithm that instantly spits out the price based on the data they have. They do have a lot of data though much of it is not of value to you and the pricing of your home. Telluride Realty & Investment is loaded with all the latest and best tools for this job. The number one tool is our secret weapon, Solid local experience based on hard earned work and study. The art of pricing a home for sale is one of great complexity and nuance. Would you like to be judged by a computer logarithm? Same goes for your home. Telluride Realty & Investment will take the time and effort to price your home right. This could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of wasted time and effort. If we don’t already know your home we will visit your location and take into account the latest developments , changes and additions made and factor all the many bits of information to present you with the most accurate home valuation available at no cost to you!!!