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Commercial Property for sale in Placerville Colorado area Real Estate Commercial Property for sale in Placerville Colorado area

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Commercial Property for sale in Placerville Colorado area

All right there’s not a lot of commercial property available Down Valley. There is a total of a dozen or so. Though a few Placerville businesses are among the oldest commercial enterprises in the region. The Placerville Mercantile has been around since 1920! The Blue Jay Cafe now known as Fall Creek Station has been around almost as long. The longevity of these business speaks volumes as to the sustainability of Placerville area commercial business. Thats one of the things that makes Placerville and Down Valley Commercial property so interesting. When you are involved in a commercial enterprise in Placerville and Down Valley area you are truly connected with the community. A sense of place and purpose are just one reward of this lifestyle. There are 669 people living in the Placerville area as best as I can tell at the time of writing this. There is virtually no crime. I can’t remember the last time I heard of a criminal act in the area. Average Commute time is 19.1 minutes to Telluride or Ridgway. And a beautiful ride it is. The majority of the folks visiting Telluride travel through Placerville and Down Valley. Giving commercial concerns in Placerville, Fall Creek and Sawpit lots of windshield exposure. It hasn’t happened yet though its going to and that is the pressure from Telluride will get to the point where Down Valley is going to look awfully good financially speaking. I humbly suggest getting in before this happens. We are already seeing the demand increase, last year all of Down Valley, that is Placerville, Fall Creek and Sawpit saw a 10% increase in property value across the board. After owning and intently observing Down Valley Businesses over the past 25 years we have some history, insights and knowledge we would like to impart to you, the perspective Placerville area businesses person. Call us today (970) 728-3205.