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Nestled in a V-shaped valley etched out by millions of years of erosion from the San Miguel River, Placerville is at a crossroads. Just north of town is where State Routes 145 and 62 come together. The Unaweep – Tabeguache Scenic & Historic Byway ends at that intersection. The San Juan Skyway comes from Telluride past Placerville to that intersection and then turns east on SR 62 to cross the Dallas Divide and reach Ridgway. Placerville was originally established as a small mining camp, named after the placer gold mines located on the San Miguel River and Leopard Creek. The location became known as Old Placerville after the Rio Grande Southern Railroad constructed a depot and several passing sidings west of the original settlement, calling it Placerville.​ A placer mine is a mining site where large quantities of streambed are dug up and then washed with river water to separate out the heavier precious metals, such as silver and gold. Being downstream from the hard-rock mines in the Telluride area. When the mining activities died out, Placerville was still on the main freighting and travel route into Telluride. Even now, that brings a lot of traffic by. These days, it looks like Placerville is a place where the folks who actually work in Telluride can afford to live. Placerville, Colorado weather is so very nice. Locals refer to Placerville and Down Valley as the Banana Belt. Summers can be up to 2 month longer then up in Telluride. Not much snow or wind and when there is, it doesn’t last long. Elevation 7,316′. The population in Placerville is 669. There are 3 people per square mile, aka population density. The median age in Placerville (zip 81430) is 48.7, the US median age is 37.4. Searching local mesa properties, Placerville is often times the default address for many Mesa properties located on Hastings Mesa, Wilson Mesa, Horsefly Mesa, Iron Springs Mesa and Species Mesa. Call TRI for more information and insights, (970) 728-3205. 

Elevation 7,321  feet.
RGS Mile Post 26.6

You can find Placerville tucked into the east side of the San Miguel River valley at the confluence with Leopard Creek. 

Rich gold-bearing sands were discovered in the area in 1876. The following year the town was platted, and several cabins built. Then a young, adverse, lad decided he liked a spot on higher ground about a mile and a half up the river a little better. He proceeded to build a general store, and the only saloon in the area there. In the mid 1890’s some others from at the old site up and moved to the new site.  The name of Placerville moved with them and now we have an Old, and New Placerville.,_Colorado