About Down Valley, River front property along the San Miguel River.

Down Valley, also known locally as the Banana Belt. Several thousand feet lower in elevation then Telluride. The folks Down Valley enjoy 2 more months of summer then up in Telluride. Living along the San Miguel River is a joy to those who like the sound of a lively river. The San Miguel River is one of the longest wildest rivers in the state of Colorado. Over 90 miles long and with a drop of over 8,000 feet in elevation and no damns, this is no lazy river. The San Miguel is also a Blue Ribbon Trout fishery. Some of the beloved hamlets along the San Miguel river Down Valley from Telluride are: Sawpit, Fall Creek and Placerville



Elevation 7,321  feet.
RGS Mile Post 26.6

You can find Placerville tucked into the east side of the San Miguel River valley at the confluence with Leopard Creek. 

Rich gold-bearing sands were discovered in the area in 1876. The following year the town was platted, and several cabins built. Then a young, adverse, lad decided he liked a spot on higher ground about a mile and a half up the river a little better. He proceeded to build a general store, and the only saloon in the area there. In the mid 1890’s some others from at the old site up and moved to the new site.  The name of Placerville moved with them and now we have an Old, and New Placerville. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Placerville,_Colorado


The community was named for local timber operations

The latitude of Sawpit is 37.995N. The longitude is -108.001W.

Elevation is 7,592 feet.

The estimated population, in 2019, was 26.

Fall Creek

Named after the creek that comes down from the high county beginning at Woods Lake.

Along the San Miguel River between Sawpit and Placerville.

Fall Creek Station bar and grill is the hub of the community.

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