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Telluride Realty & Investment, Presents:

Telluride Realty & Investment, Presents: Why this is a good time to sell your Telluride area Real Estate now!

Let’s talk about Why is it’s a good time to sell your Telluride Colorado area real estate, and what does Telluride Realty & Investment do specifically that gives a seller more value. First off TRI has been successfully selling Telluride area real estate for 30 years. there is no substitute for experience. and because of this we work smarter. The best agents sell for more and faster. I know the area like none other. I’ve been there and been a part of the growth and development of the area and so know the local market from the inside out. I know the history and so have a clearer view of the potential future. This is a great time to be selling your property. We are open for business and business is booming. Real estate sales are Busier than normal. Lots of folks are looking for that Mountain getaway and a new way of life that many have had a chance to contemplate over the last few months. Telecommuting is the new reality and could remain allowing one to more freely choose where to live. Moving to Telluride was the best move I ever made. and I can help you realize the life you’ve always dreamed of as well. Since the restrictions were lifted June 1st, Telluride area real estate showing have spiked, illustrating the demand buyers have for Telluride. Over the course of the last six weeks, mortgage applications have skyrocketed, increasing by 54% and consumer confidence has unexpectedly improved. This data further demonstrates that buyers are eager to buy here once again. 

The Telluride and Mountain Village residential real estate market is heating up as we head into the height of summer, with total sales volume rising and prices increasing. 
San Miguel County Residential real estate saw a 102% rise in average sold price since march of 2020. It’s a hot market. Time to get in on it. 

Mortgage rates are at all-time lows. The lowest rate on record in at least 49 years. Meaning you can sell your property for more in part due to the fact buyers can get more for their money 

One of the most significant, and perhaps surprising, impacts of COVID-19 is that a large number of Americans plan to move residences. According to the America at Home Study, consumers 25 to 74 years old with household incomes of $50,000 plus, that is millennial renters wanting to own and boomer homeowners motivated to buy a different home are two groups to watch. 

What’s the best time to sell your home. HA HA Yesterday. No seriously, Trationaly this is the best time to sell. from now till the end of November. Homes listed now sold more quickly and for more money than the average listing throughout the year. The worst months to sell a house is December and January. Which is OK. Even Realitors need a vacation. 

Now here’s 5 secrets to selling your home during a pandemic. 

Due to so many people changing their schedules, I’ve identified some interesting new trends. Saturday is the best time to list your property. Friday is also a good day to list, while Tuesday is the worst day. 

There are a lot more eyes out there looking at real estate than in normal times. So this is a golden opportunity to be seen by the buyer you’re looking for. 

Real Estate buyers are more engaged and less distracted. They’re doing their research at home. That focus results in more sales and less wasted time dealing with the looky loos. 

Curb appeal is more important than ever. Many folks have realized through the shelter at home experience that home is and will continue to be more of a central hub of life and so all the little things that make up a home are now more important. When a potential buyer pulls up to your property they are more likely than not to make up their mind if this is the place for them. So make the 1st impression count. Neat and crisp, with nothing out of place. A riot of color is a great first step in welcoming your buyer.  Plant a lot of flowers, the more the better Your home’s exterior is like the cover of a book, setting the stage for what’s inside.” If a home is disorganized or appears in disrepair, buyers may be more skeptical about its condition when they’re considering an offer. 

The cleaner, less cluttered, and more well-decorated your home is, the more appeal it can have. Clutter can make your home appear smaller and make it more difficult for buyers to picture themselves living in your home. In fact, staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than those that aren’t staged, according to Realitor.Com. 

The luxury housing market rebounded with force in May and June, outpacing the rest of the market in price growth and listing views online, according to®’s Luxury Housing Report. Second home buyers are on the rise. Home buyers appear to be shifting their focus from dense, urban metro areas to smaller, less populated areas and second-home markets. Unlike prior downturns, the luxury market is leading the recovery. Stay at home orders and social distancing have put a new value on the extra space. We’re seeing this in the luxury market as well, which could mean there is renewed interest from high-end buyers to find a second home that is within driving distance from their primary residence. Overall, online views for million-dollar homes nationwide increased 7.3% annually, outpacing its 6.2% growth prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, home price growth in the upper tier is outpacing the overall housing market. 

It is currently a Seller’s Market here in colorado though this may not last as long as we all would like. And as buyer’s gain the upper hand, home values will start to stagnate, pushing down the potential profits of would-be sellers. Now is the time to list your property. Contact John Janus at, (970) 728-3205 phone or text or